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Here you can view our photography portfolio. In each of the places we visited we always tried to capture the unique moment to convey the emotions we experienced. For us each of these pictures brings memories, a story which we experienced. We hope you will enjoy this image collection and hopefully some of these photographs will encourage you to go out and explore.

Salt flats in Death Valley, California

Bruarfoss, one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Iceland 

Rock waves in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Drying snack, Iceland

Puffin on Faroe Island

Rock Arch in Bug Sur, California

Dandelion seed

Lets go fishing..., Bahamas

Coffee plantation, Costa Rica

Natural bridge in Santa Cruz, California

Inside Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Sunset on the beach, California

Iceberg on the beach, Iceland

Bowling balls on the beach, California

Racetrack in Death Valley, California


Bonsai tree on Lake Tahoe, California

Good catch, Florida

Twisted Bristlecone pine tree, California

Lonely sheep, Iceland

Sunrise in Death Valley, California

It is safer on mommy's head, Florida

Sunset over angry ocean, California

Skógafoss in Iceland

Mountain lake, Austria

Sunset reflection, California 

Kids playground on the Bahamas

Cliffs on Faroe Islands

Green snake, Costa Rica

Inside Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Classical smoky sunrise, North Carolina

Landmannalaugar - highlands of Iceland

Múlafossur Waterfall, Faroe Islands

Hunting bird, Florida

Mossy trees, Louisiana

Horseshoe Bend, Utah

Hanging bridge, Costa Rica

Golden sunrise over marshlands, Florida

Young alligators, Florida

Ghost town, California