I am plant molecular biologists with research interest focused on employing gene engineering technology for improvement of agricultural systems


​As far as I can remember I always enjoyed exploration and discovery. For me as a kid, lifting up a rock was like opening a gate to whole new world; watching tadpole metamorphosis in my home aquarium was purely fascinating. However, most kids are like that so it's not so much about becoming curious but rather about remaining curious. Sometimes I feel like I am still lifting up new rocks in science... 


For over the last 15 years I have been training my brain to "see" the hidden, molecular world of plant growth and development. I strongly believe that thorough understanding of building principles in natural systems and knowledge of molecular circuits controlling plant development is the key for efficient and successful plant improvement.  As a graduate student at the Center of Plant Molecular Biology in Tuebingen, Germany I received very diverse training in the area of plant molecular and cellular biology, microscopy and plant genetics. Such training allowed me to identify and characterize novel, cellular mechanisms controlling distribution of plant hormone auxin in plants (here you can find more information). During my post-doctoral training at Stanford University in California I employed the newest approaches in molecular and developmental biology to uncover novel, cell surface transduction module mediating cell-to-environment communication in plants (here you can find more information). 

After spending almost five years in the heart of Silicon Valley and having been exposed to myriad of practical application of scientific discoveries into every day live, I joined agricultural biotechnology company - Monsanto in St. Louis. The main mission of the company is to develop tools that enable farmers grow food more sustainably and help them protect natural resources while providing nourishment to the world. As a Research Scientist I have developed tremendously while working at Monsanto. I am actively involved in diverse portfolio of research projects ranging from molecular gene discovery, genetic engineering, development of transgenic crops, large scale field experimentation, capturing of intellectual property and various regulatory aspects.


Every time you do a scientific experiment you are asking Nature a question and the Nature gives you an answer. The question is: do you understand the answer?    

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